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About Tarita

I am a leadership coach. I help people realize their inner most aspirations and bring them to fruition. We live in a land of hope, entrepreneurship and unlimited possibilities. As your leadership coach, I can help you curate your life to achieve personal and professional success. I combine radical self-discovery, along with a structured approach that supports you on your leadership journey. Let me coach you to get a clearer sense of the person you currently are, and the one you aspire to be. My expertise in leadership and organizational development has been formed throughout more than 10 years of work experience around the world with teams and government agencies, including a Fortune 10 company. I work with startup entrepreneurs, millennials, corporate executives and large corporations.

Let me help you on your leadership journey!

``Tarita provided me space to structure my thoughts and helped me uncover what was already there. She helped me see some of the actions I had taken were preventing me from moving forward and achieving my goals. Her powerful insights made me realize just how much I was getting in my own way.``

Douglas Partner, Big 4 Accounting Firm

``I always ask for a dose of Tarita just about every other week. Tarita is medicine to my soul. Her words are always encouraging and inspiring.``

Genet HR Business Partner

``Tarita helped me to think about things I wouldn't have thought about before. I gained a lot of insight on taking control of my career and how valuable my skill set is, along with ways to showcase it.``

Ray Marketer

``I had arrived at a place in my divorce where we were constantly arguing about the past while we were trying to resolve the future. Tarita helped me see that relying on familiar behaviors to solve new problems never work. After I started coming from a place of intention and openness, my relationship with my former partner completely changed.``

Erik IT Director


Leadership Coaching
Life Coaching
Career Coaching



Radical self inquiry that focuses on understanding your values and your purpose, both personally and professionally.


Changing your current state of being by continuously challenging the status quo.


Maintaining your current state of being. Reflect. Correct. Continue.

You can find me on Instagram and LinkedIn. If you’d like to get in touch with me or schedule a session, please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch soon!